Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Importing Spreadsheet Address Data in Google Maps

Recently I've been looking into schools in Monmouthshire for my two boys and wanted to put them onto map to get a rough idea of where they are. Putting little stickers on a paper map is so last millennium, but how do you take a list of addresses and quickly plot them onto Google Maps without having to manually look up each address?

The solution lies with this really great website which will take a load of tab delimited address data (plus any associated info, email addresses, urls etc) and plot them onto a google map for you. The instructions on the site are clear and simple. You arrange your data in the format defined by the site (it's an excel spreadsheet) and then just paste it into the textbox on the page. From there you can validate your data is good and adjust various settings to get the data parsed just right. Once done you end up with a google map with placemarks for your addresses. The placemarks contain your address data plus any other additional info you included. I put the telephone number, headteacher's name and links to the school's inspection reports for example

The only slight problem with this is that the info is contained within the batchgeocode system rather than the google maps system.

But there is a way around this. Once completed in batchgeocode you can export the info as Google Earth KML data. This can then be imported into My Maps in Google as detailed here

There you go, a load of addresses converted into placemarks on a google map.

I don't make any guarantees as to the accuracy of this data as it's purely for my own use.

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